5 Reef-Safe Starfish For Your Aquarium

There are many reef-safe starfish for aquariums, including red linckia starfish, sand-sifting starfish, fromia starfish, serpent starfish, and brittle starfish. However, the chocolate chip and reef-knobbed starfish cannot be kept in reef tanks.

20 Reef-Safe Fish

Creating your dream saltwater aquarium is an exciting project. There are endless choices of LPS, SPS, soft corals, rocks, and reef-safe fish and invertebrates to add. Plus, adding different combinations make the best display reef tanks! When selecting reef fish for your aquarium, what do you look for? Maybe it is the most beautiful fish … Read more

7 Small Tangs For Your Nano Reef Tank

Most tangs grow into large saltwater fish, but that’s not always the case. There are seven small tangs for your nano reef tank that you can easily find.

Gorilla Crabs – Are They Reef Tank Safe?


Gorilla crabs are not reef tank safe and should be removed from your reef aquarium the second you spot one. Gorilla crabs are pests that hitchhike their way into reef aquariums, growing large, and causing havoc wherever they go.

Pineapple Sponges – Are They Reef Aquarium Safe?


Pineapple sponges are stunning, fluffy-looking marine creatures that thrive in low-light areas of aquariums. But should you be worried if pineapple sponges start multiplying in your reef aquarium?

Pufferfish vs Blowfish – What’s The Difference?


When selecting aquarium fish, common names can get very confusing, and you want to avoid adding the wrong fish into your aquarium thinking that it is reef-safe, when in fact it is not…