Lobophyllia Coral Care – Optimal Placement, Lighting, & Flow For These Brain Corals


Lobophyllia Brain corals are an extremely popular LPS (large stony polyp) coral that come in a wide variety of terrific color patterns and shapes. You are most likely to come across their alternative names – Lobed Brain corals or Lobo corals, probably because the name “Lobophyllia” is quite a mouthful!  Because of their uniqueness, they … Read more

Bam Bam Zoanthid Care Guide


A fellow reefer friend of mine once complained how boring his reef aquarium was. I stopped him straight away and said “have you heard of Zoanthids, especially the Bam Bam Zoa that everyone is talking about right now?”.  Well, the next time we met, all he could talk about was his new Bam Bam Zoa … Read more

Walt Disney Acropora Care – How To Grow This SPS Coral


If I were to say “Walt Disney”, what comes to your mind? Bright colors? Pure excitement? Amazing memories? Well, that is exactly what owning a Walt Disney Acropora will provide you with, and why they are a must-have coral for Acropora collectors.  Acropora (Acros) are fundamental building corals, responsible for a large portion of the … Read more

Aussie Gold Torch Care – How To Increase The Survival Rate Of This Euphyllia


Aussie Gold Torch (Euphyllia glabrescens) corals are one of the most stunning torches on the market. They have unique color morphs that have yellow, gold, or orange with purple tips, which is why they are a favorite among many aquarium hobbyists. Now, you may already be aware of Euphyllia corals, as the genus also includes … Read more