Dragon Soul Torch Care: Flow, Placement & Lighting

Torch corals are one of the most popular LPS (large polyp stony) corals to add to reef aquariums. Torches, such as the Dragon Soul, are perfect if you are looking for a coral that will add lots of movement and bursts of color inside your aquarium.

The Dragon Soul torch is immediately recognizable from its unique coloration and beautiful morphs, making them a must-have coral for any torch collector.

Its long flowing purple tentacles with green tips (which is where torch corals get their name from!) add to its dramatic display inside aquariums, perfect for creating an epic torch coral garden display!

Dragon Soul Torch Coral Care

The Dragon Soul torch coral is unique because it is only found in coral reefs around Indonesia. It is also so popular that it is currently being aquacultured in Indonesia due to high demand. However, most Dragon Soul torches you see at your local fish store (LFS) or online have been collected from the wild. 

Generally, the Dragon Soul torch is a great beginner LPS, as long as your aquarium meets its requirements and you have some experience with softies of LPS corals before. 

Dragon Soul Torch Summary

  • Scientific/Latin Name: Euphyllia glabrescens
  • Common Names: Dragon Soul Torch Coral, Pom-Pom Coral, Trumpet Coral
  • Care Level: Moderate
  • Temperament: Aggressive
  • Lighting: Moderate (PAR 150-250)
  • Water Flow: Moderate
  • Placement: Bottom to the middle region
  • Growth: Moderate

Dragon Soul Torch Water Conditions

As the Dragon Soul torch is susceptible to brown jelly infections, it is important to maintain the below parameters and ensure there is enough water flow. 

  • Temperature: 75° – 80 °F
  • pH: 8.1 – 8.4
  • Salinity: 1.024 – 1.026 (1.025 is ideal)
  • Alkalinity: 8 – 11 dKH
  • Nitrates: <10 ppm
  • Phosphates: <0.10 ppm
  • Calcium: 420 – 440 ppm
  • Magnesium: 1260 – 1350

Dragon Soul Torch Growth

Compared to other corals, torch corals are generally slow-growers, because of their calcium carbonate skeleton they need to grow and maintain. However, Dragon Soul torches are known to be one of the faster-growing torch corals, should you provide your coral with stable water conditions, the correct amount of lighting, and sufficient water flow. 

You can also split your Dragon Soul, in a process called fragging, to help them develop into more coral colonies.

How To Frag A Dragon Soul Torch Coral?

Fragging torch corals is very easy with the right tools, and once you have successfully done it once, you will be an ‘LPS-coral-fragging-master’!

If your Dragon Soul has a clear separation between heads, you can prepare your tools to frag the colony. Using an inland band saw or scalpel, cut off the desired number of heads. 

Once you have separated the colony, before you return them to your aquarium, or prepare them for shipping to a buyer, dip both pieces in an iodine dip to reduce the chances of infection.

Dragon Soul Torch Placement 

Torch corals can thrive both in the rock work or on the sand bed, therefore, you have a fair few options where to place your Dragon Soul torch coral. 

The most important factors in terms of placement are areas where your Dragon Soul will receive enough water movement to gently move its tentacles, and enough light to maintain their vibrant colors, which tend to be in the lower to the middle region of most aquariums. 

You also need to take extra care when gluing your Dragon Soul torch to the chosen substrate, because torch corals must be placed upright. Torch corals like your Dragon Soul have very delicate tissues, therefore, if your coral’s tissues become damaged, it can lead to coral death. 

Are Dragon Soul Torches Aggressive?

Many hobbyists will place multiple torch corals in one area of the aquarium to create a torch garden. But, as torch corals like your Dragon Soul are known to punch quite a powerful sting, it is very important to give them enough space, so they do not sting neighboring corals. 

However, when placing two of the same torches next to each other, they shouldn’t start a battle if they were to accidentally touch. Yet, when it comes to placing your Dragon Soul torch next to other Euphyllia corals like hammers or frogspawns, your Dragon Soul may take a swing at them, potentially killing them in the process. 

If you are ever unsure about compatibility, always speak to your LFS. 

Dragon Soul Torch Lighting

Torch corals are photosynthetic, which means they use aquarium lighting to maintain their energy needs. 

Most torch corals do not do well under intense lighting because of their sensitive tissues, however, the Dragon Soul torch is one of the torch corals, along with the Aussie Gold torch, that thrives with moderate lighting with a PAR range of 150-250.

If your PAR level is too low, your Dragon Soul will start to darken as they lose their fluorescent pigmentation, but give them too much lighting they tend to start bleaching.

To keep an eye on your aquarium lighting’s PAR level, it is recommended to get a PAR meter

Which Lighting Fixture Is Best For Dragon Soul Torches?

For your Dragon Soul torch coral to take center stage, it is best to use LED actinic lighting, however, that’s not to say you can’t use metal halides or T5s. 

As long as the correct PAR levels and color spectrum (14-20K) are met, your Dragon Torch will have healthy growth no matter which lighting fixture your aquarium has.

Dragon Soul Torch Water Flow 

Just like the majority of torch corals, your Dragon Soul torch coral requires moderate water flow. As your Dragon Soul has long tentacles, you want the water flow strong enough to let them elegantly sway, but not too strong that they stay retracted or become damaged. 

On the other hand, water flow that is not sufficient, will cause your Dragon Soul’s tentacles to remain underinflated, putting them at risk of debris settling on their precious polyps and infections. 

Dragon Soul Torch Coral Feeding

The Dragon Soul torch gets its primary nutrition from the symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae living within its tissues, however, feeding is highly recommended for better health and faster growth. 

Coral foods that contain mysis and brine shrimp can increase your Dragon Soul’s growth, make it appear plumper, and show off its vibrant colors (yes, believe me that’s possible!). 

Now, this is important. To reduce overfeeding and fluctuations in the water quality, you should carefully spot feed (target feed) your Dragon Soul torch using a pipette or turkey baster. You want to squirt enough food for your coral to open its polyps, but not too much that the food is floating around the aquarium. 

Final Thoughts

The Dragon Soul torch is a must-have LPS coral for any torch collector or hobbyist wanting to create the ultimate torch coral garden. Their vibrant colors and long, thick tentacles will give your aquarium a sense of motion, which is why they are one of our all-time favorites at Reef Tank Advisor! 

Once, you get your hands on one of the undoubtedly mesmerizing Dragon Soul torch corals, I’m sure you will agree with us!

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