Feeding Acropora: Why & How You Should Do It


Did you know, in the wild, around 99% of Acropora (Acro) corals die within the first year? You may be wondering why? Simply, because the conditions in the wild are challenging, therefore, corals have to learn to adapt, and with increases in climate change, declining water quality, overfishing, pollution, and increasing coastal development, the ocean … Read more

Can Acropora Touch Each Other?


When corals start to grow in a confined area such as a reef tank, life can start to become crowded. While some corals can touch, others can’t, often resulting in chemical warfare.  In the wild, corals naturally grow over each other, Acropora (Acros) being one of them. If you have ever been snorkeling or diving … Read more

Why Is My Acropora Turning White?


Acropora (Acro) corals are likely to originate from different conditions than those in your aquarium. Even if you have bought your Acro frag from a local hobbyist/local fish store (LFS) that has successfully aquacultured Acropora corals, it is very unlikely they have the exact water quality, lighting, and water flow conditions as you.  While some … Read more