Pineapple Sponges – Are They Reef Aquarium Safe?


Pineapple sponges are stunning, fluffy-looking marine creatures that thrive in low-light areas of aquariums. But should you be worried if pineapple sponges start multiplying in your reef aquarium?

The Ultimate Hammer Coral Care Guide


Are you looking for a great LPS (large polyp stony) coral that will take center stage inside your aquarium without being too challenging? If so, the hammer coral makes a great choice!  The hammer coral (Euphyllia ancora) is a popular LPS coral that is a must-have for reef tanks. They are bold corals that come … Read more

Will Clownfish Host Hammer Coral?


Are you considering adding a clownfish to your epic reef display, but are unsure if it will host your hammer coral?  Clownfish are colorful marine fish that are known for surviving in the ocean by hosting anemones and corals. This relationship is called symbiotic because both parties benefit. The clownfish is protected by the host’s … Read more

Why Is My Hammer Coral Not Fully Extending?


So, your hammer coral has been doing great, but all of a sudden its polyps are not fully extending, and you are starting to wonder if this is normal, or if you should be worried…  Well, do not worry, as you are not alone. In fact, many hobbyists have run into this issue, and with … Read more

Is My Hammer Coral Splitting?


If you are a newbie hobbyist, you may be concerned about witnessing your hammer coral tearing into two, but if it is in the middle of splitting, then there is nothing to worry about.  In fact, you should be proud that your good husbandry skills have led to your hammer coral naturally splitting! Why Do … Read more

Do Hammer Corals Sting?


Are you worried that your hammer coral can sting your other corals or even your hand if you were to accidentally brush up against or handle them?  After anemones, large polyp stony (LPS) corals have the most powerful sting out of all aquarium corals, and because of this, these types of corals are considered aggressive … Read more