The Ultimate Torch Coral Care Guide


The torch coral (Euphyllia glabrescens) is an LPS (large polyp stony) coral that originates from the Indo-Pacific. Thanks to its long, thick, flowing, fleshy polyps that emerge from their impressive calcified stone base, they are one of the most popular corals to add to saltwater reef aquariums.  Their name comes from their “torch-like” appearance; each … Read more

Torch Coral Not Extending: Reasons Your Euphyllia May Not Be Opening


Is your Torch Coral not extending or opening, and do you want to know why?  Euphyllia is a group of some of the most beautiful LPS (large stony polyp) corals. These include our favorites – Hammers, Frogspawns, and Torches (Torch Corals). Torch Corals are highly sought after by reef hobbyists because of their mesmerizing large … Read more

Torch Coral Splitting: Do They Split?


Have you noticed your Torch Coral growing another section off of its main body? This is something you shouldn’t worry about, and is totally normal. When corals split, it is a very exciting time for a reef hobbyist! Corals routinely reproduce themselves via splitting or budding. Splitting is when a coral polyp forms two mouths, … Read more

Why Is My Torch Coral Dying?


Have you recently walked up to your aquarium, taken a look, and noticed your Torch Coral all shriveled up, or looking a little worse for wear?  As a reef hobbyist, you will go through stages where your Torch Coral will thrive and other times when it will struggle, possibly even lose tissue, and in some … Read more