How Fast Do Montipora Grow?


In the ocean, corals face challenging conditions that affect their growth. In aquariums, you can control the environment so your montipora can grow to its full potential.  Montipora (montis) are a great SPS (small polyp stony) coral to start with because they are hardier than acropora corals and are known for their fast growth rate.  … Read more

Why Is My Montipora Bleaching?


Small polyp stony (SPS) corals, especially montipora (montis) types, will grow very well if they are cared for. However, when water becomes too warm, your coral will expel the symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae) that live inside your coral’s tissues, causing your monti to turn completely white. This process is called coral bleaching.  When a coral bleaches, … Read more

Will Montipora Sting Each Other?


Corals constantly battle for space in the ocean, often growing over each other and starting chemical warfare. In aquariums, space is limited, therefore, placing corals too close to another coral can be a problem.  While some corals (for example, large polyp stony corals) are equipped with long sweeper tentacles packed with nematocysts (specialized stinging cells … Read more

Why Is My Montipora Turning Brown?


Montipora corals, often referred to as ‘montis’, are a type of small polyp stony (SPS) coral. They are the second most popular SPS coral after Acropora because of their multitude of colors and growth forms.  Keeping SPS corals is no walk in the park, they are in fact considered one of the most challenging corals … Read more

Will Montipora Grow On Glass?


If you have ever visited your local fish store (LFS) you probably noticed how cool their coral displays looked, this is because many LFS allow corals to decorate the glass at the back of the tank.  Montipora corals are fantastic candidates for decorating the back of tanks, creating that epic mini-ocean feature in your home! … Read more