Why Are My Mushroom Corals Splitting?


Congratulations! Your mushroom is splitting which means you are soon going to be the owner of two mushroom corals, and guess what, mushrooms don’t stop there! Mushroom corals are relatively fast growers because they are very good at multiplying, either by splitting and dividing themselves into two like a cell or when they move around … Read more

Are Mushroom Corals Aggressive?


Your mushroom coral has arrived, and now you are beginning to worry about the other corals in your aquarium after what happened last time – chemical warfare! Mushroom corals are one of our favorite soft corals, and when you see them, I’m sure you will agree! Not only are mushroom corals beautiful, but it is … Read more

What Do Mushroom Corals Eat?


If you are new to the reef-keeping hobby, mushroom corals are a perfect choice. Mushroom corals are a good beginner coral not only because they are one of the most versatile corals, but they are also stunning, creating the perfect mini-ocean display.  Despite much confusion, corals are in fact animals. So, just like us, they … Read more