Why Is My Mushroom Coral Turning White?


Have you just walked up to your aquarium and noticed your mushroom coral turning white? Corals have a pretty tough life in the wild – the constant battle with changing water conditions and human stressors such as dynamite fishing and destructive infrastructure. While your coral is not going to be blown up inside your aquarium, … Read more

How Much Light Do Mushroom Corals Need?


Mushroom corals, also known as Corallimorphs, are one of the most diverse groups of corals in the aquarium hobbyist world. Their ease of care and less forgiving requirements attracts both beginners and coral experts to collect them.  Just like in the wild, corals require lighting to survive. Lighting drives the photosynthesis process, where corals gain … Read more

How Do Mushroom Corals Reproduce?


Mushroom corals, also known as Corallimorphs, make a great choice for beginner coral, as they are easy to care for. Their tolerance to small fluctuations comes from their hardiness, which is why they attract many hobbyists in the reef-keeping world.  In addition to their ease of care, mushroom corals are relatively fast growers, and they … Read more

How Fast Do Mushroom Corals Grow?


Does your aquarium look a little empty right now, and you are wondering when you can expect your mushroom corals to flourish?  Patience and stability are key when keeping corals, but having to wait for new coral frags to grow, particularly if you are a newbie reefer, often doesn’t feel very rewarding. So, how fast … Read more

Do Mushroom Corals Move?


Have you woken up to your mushroom coral missing? If so, do not worry, it hasn’t jumped out of the aquarium overnight. It most likely has gone for a walk while you were sleeping and has just moved to a more suitable location!  Mushroom or corallimorphs are a popular soft coral, from the family Fungiidae. … Read more

Bounce Mushroom Coral Care


Are you looking for a coral that is both colorful and easy to care for? Well, I have good news for you because Bounce Mushroom Corals have bounced their way into the reef aquarium world and into the hearts of coral lovers all around the world.  Bounce Mushroom Corals are probably one of, if not … Read more