How To Grow Acropora Fast


Are you after an SPS (small polyp stony) dominated aquarium, but are unsure what Acropora (Acro) Corals will create that mini coral reef the quickest? Not only are Acropora Corals the most common SPS coral found on coral reefs, but they are also one of the most popular SPS corals in reef tanks, and when … Read more

Easy Acropora For The Beginner Reef Tank


So your reef tank is cycling perfectly, you have tried out a few easy corals like softies and LPS (large polyp stony) corals, and now you are ready to go the next step and get yourself one of the most popular SPS corals, infamously known as Acroporas (Acros).  Now, you may have heard that Acropora … Read more

Homewrecker Acropora Coral Care


Have you heard of the Homewrecker Acropora? If you haven’t already, you are in for a treat! The Homewrecker Acropora Tenuis has had a roaring success in the hobbyist world. They are one of the most colorful Tenuis Corals to hand, just like their relative, the Walt Disney Acro, which is also a must-have coral! … Read more

Can Bleached Acropora Recover?


Looking into your aquarium and noticing your Acropora losing its striking colors, is every coral lover’s nightmare!  We hear horror stories of coral colonies being wiped out in the wild from coral bleaching, and we pray that it never happens inside our mini-ocean reef aquarium, but it can.  If coral bleaching does happen inside your … Read more

PC Rainbow Acropora Care


PC Rainbow Acros are beautiful staghorn Acropora corals, bursting with color! Their regal red and golden yellow colored base creates a unique look among other corals, which is why they are one of the most popular additions for reef aquariums.  Acropora corals are the main formations on coral reefs in the wild, making up one-third … Read more

Walt Disney Acropora Care – How To Grow This SPS Coral


If I were to say “Walt Disney”, what comes to your mind? Bright colors? Pure excitement? Amazing memories? Well, that is exactly what owning a Walt Disney Acropora will provide you with, and why they are a must-have coral for Acropora collectors.  Acropora (Acros) are fundamental building corals, responsible for a large portion of the … Read more