Zoanthid Pests: How To Remove These Unwanted Visitors


Have you noticed a naughty hitchhiker? Who are you going to call…well, not the ghostbusters this time! With this Zoanthid pest guide, you are not only going to hopefully remove these unwanted residents, but you should also know how to identify them next time they make an appearance.  Zoanthids, also known as Zoas, are hardy … Read more

Zoa Pox Treatment


Have you noticed yellowish-white spots all over your Zoanthid? If so, it is likely your Zoa has the Pox! Unfortunately, corals are not immune from common pests and diseases like Zoa Pox. Zoa Pox (also known as Zoopox) is a disease that causes tissue recession and eventually death if not treated.  Similar to the contagious … Read more

The Ultimate Zoanthid Coral Care Guide


Are you looking for a unique coral to add to your aquarium? Look no further, Zoanthid Corals are undoubtedly epic additions to any reef aquarium. They will provide you with a diversity of bright colors, and if you are after a fast-growing coral to quickly cover your aquascape, you are in luck! This “Ultimate Zoanthid … Read more